Getting Over My Fear of Social Media

     It’s been awhile since I posted my last blog. I had my content calendar set up for the month but life got in the way as it tends to, and writing about ‘social media’ and my New York trip suddenly seemed frivolous. However, I realize now that this is not only a pleasant distraction but […]

My “Home Studio”

If you’ve been reading my blog posts (thank you), you’ll have noticed that they are more thought based. I will continue to do those, but I also want to start sharing my experience as an artist that just getting into “the business”.  I mentioned in an earlier post that since my siblings left home, I’ve been using […]

I’m An Extraordinary Machine

#BellLetsTalk It’s hard to actually get something down on (figurative) paper when you’re imagining how every single sentence is going to be taken. I so badly want to be understood, but am terrified of being misunderstood, which is far more likely when you share something with the entirety of the internet. I would like to […]