About Me

Gabrie is an alternative/indie rock recording artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Influenced by Fiona Apple, Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse and Marina and The Diamonds, Gabrie is building a following by regularly performing in the Toronto area. Gabrie’s songs are witty, catchy and could spin on alternative, indie and mainstream radio stations.

Gabrie has been performing in the GTA in venues such as Studio 89, The Cavern, The Eton House, and The Opera House. In July of 2016, she had her biggest performance yet at Dundas Square in front of 37,000 people, and won the Youth Day record deal contest.

Gabrie is working with a Toronto label ‘Akashic Rekords’, with worldwide distribution through The ILS Group/Universal. On May 12 2017, she released her new single, “Dig Myself In”, on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. The powerful single lands itself well to classic instrumentation and arrangements of the 50’s and 60’s, tipping the hat to Buddy Holly, Paul Anka, Roy Orbison and such, while cranking up the modern edge of an empowered young woman.

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