My “Home Studio”

If you’ve been reading my blog posts (thank you), you’ll have noticed that they are more thought based. I will continue to do those, but I also want to start sharing my experience as an artist that just getting into “the business”.  I mentioned in an earlier post that since my siblings left home, I’ve been using the extra space to create a “home studio”. What that means for me may be very different from what it means for other artists, especially those with more production expertise, but I’m excited to see how it helps me grow as a singer/songwriter.

My bedroom is an expression of what I would like to be: ultra cool, bohemian af, straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue (in it’s completed state of course).* Designing it thus meant a lot of cleaning out, as very little of my owned possessions evoke that alt spirit. All of the possessions that didn’t quite make the cut, found their place in my “home studio”. There they sit as a cruel reminder that no matter how angsty my songs are, no matter how much black mesh I sport, no matter how edgy I believe myself to be I will always be the type of person to own a Hannah Montana barbie. My studio is a bold and honest expression of who I am and what inspires me.

And it’s aspirational as well. As I type this I sit beside a brand new keyboard begging to be practiced so I can be the next Fiona Apple. My bookcase is filled with every single book I own that I have not yet read but have every intention to. I have one book strategically placed to greet me every time I walk in, called “Writing Better Lyrics”.** My studio is telling me to get my ass to work.

Was a studio wholly necessary? No, but it’s definitely helpful. I don’t know a lot of people who work best in their bedroom, I believe that’s why Starbucks was invented.*** It allows me to separate my personal self and professional self, which can definitely be difficult when you are your product. And frankly, the extra room is just dandy, I have a lot of stuff.**** But you can go without it, write in your bedroom, record a song on your phone, do the best you can with what you have.

I am so incredibly lucky to have parents who let me do this to a room they could have used for their own needs, and who put so much of their own work into it. I hope I can make the most of it.

So without further ado, here are the top 3 priorities for my “home studio” in the upcoming year.*****

1. Turn my closet into a soundproof booth.
2. Buy a better computer/sound equipment.
3. Fill it with books that don’t just inspire me, but teach me how to become a better DIY musician.


* Urban Outfitters is so confusing. This store boasts a hippie, grunge, alternative attitude but is so expensive. It’s everything that somebody who dresses that way should hate. I love it.
** Or at this point, “Write Any Lyrics, For the Love of God”.
****Although I still frequent Starbucks. Shout out to that customer who gave me a Starbucks card last week.
**** Thanks to my shopping addiction, but that’s for another post.
***** Which I will finally stop putting in quotes once I feel it’s lived up to the name.

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