Why Does This Song Sound So Sinister?

Ok, first of all, watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend. It’s an amazing show, and not enough people watch it. It’s the “lowest rated show ever renewed by a broadcast network”, according to this VOX article, it’s literally surviving off of amazing critical reviews. I almost made this blog a list of reasons to watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend, but lists already exist here here, here and here. It’s my favourite show, and if it gets cancelled after season 3, I might die along with it. So if you love me (or musical theatre, clever writing, good representation, complex characters, etc, etc, etc.)*, JUST GIVE IT A GO.

What I love about good art**, is how it helps me understand myself and reflect on my own experiences, and Crazy Ex Girlfriend does that for me 12 times an episode. More often than not it happens during one of the musical sequences, as they are not only hilarious but incredibly insightful. One of those songs is, “I’m the Villain In My Own Story”, which is pretty self explanatory but without giving too much of the plot away, the protagonist (Rebecca Bunch) realizes that she’s been acting awful in the name of love. Now I’ve never done half the stuff Rebecca Bunch has, but I had to wonder why this sinister song sounded so damn familiar.

Deep down, I know when I’ve been the villain all along. I leave parts of the story out when I’m retelling it to my friends, I cringe when I do bother to bring those parts up, I run around in circles explaining why that particular behaviour was justified and maybe even caused by the other person. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, because being the villain doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m never the hero, people are a lot more complicated than that. I think you can even be both at the same damn time. But it’s hard to admit when I’m wrong, and it’s even harder to come to terms with the fact that somebody who hurt me isn’t pure evil, but just as complicated as I am. So I guess I’m sorry to anyone I’ve ever vilified***, when I’ve probably been just as shitty as you.

Anyways, watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

*Alright, so I ended up making a list anyways.
** Yes, TV is art, especially in this golden age.
***Especially in a song I have or will put on the internet for all to hear.

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